Learning Astrology for Self Alignment and Development – Baton Rouge


April 10 - 12:00 pm


September 11 - 01:30 pm

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Laurel Kassor

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Baton Rouge

Virtual via Zoom, Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Baton Rouge, LA, US, 70801

Unlock the hidden power of astrology and discover your true self in this FREE 5-day workshop

Let’s be honest, curiosity has led us all to the horoscope column of magazines, blogs, or astrology apps. We’ve all seen jokes about pick up lines like “What’s your sign?” or “What’s your big three?” Perhaps we’ve even peeked at our star sign compatibility with that work crush. (Thanks, LinkedIn, for the birthday alert. We would’ve guessed big Leo energy too.)

Astrology. Is. Everywhere.

And it’s waiting for you to leverage its power.

If you’re ready to unlock the secrets of the stars and align with your true self, then don’t miss this free 5-day virtual workshop, “Learning Astrology for Self Alignment and Development.”

In this workshop, we’ll take you on a journey of self-discovery as we reveal how astrology can be a powerful tool for understanding yourself and your place in the world.

This workshop is perfect for spiritually curious individuals who are ready to take their self-development journey to the next level.

You’ll learn the basics of reading and interpreting a birth chart, giving you a deeper understanding of your energetic blueprint and how to use it to align with your true self and path.

Whether you’re a beginner or have dabbled in astrology before, you’ll leave with a newfound understanding of how the stars can be a practical compass to guide you on your path of self-alignment.

I invite you to join me for a FREE 5 day seminar starting at 1 pm (EST) on the 2nd Monday of every month, where I will introduce to you the sublime art of astrology.

In this seminar you will learn the basics on:

  • What astrology is
  • Theories on how it works
  • How it can be used as a tool our lives
  • The components in a birth chart
  • How to read a birth chart
  • The art of astrological interpretation
  • How you can begin leveraging astrology IMMEDIATELY

Join me on this 5 day excursion into astrology. Who knows, perhaps learning to harness astrology as a tool for growth and awareness will be one of the most transformational experiences of your life!

This workshop will kick off at 1 pm EST on the 2nd Monday of every month, and run for 5 consecutive days, from 1 pm EST to 2:30 pm EST.

Can’t make it live? No problem! Register anyway to receive access to seminar recordings!

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