Baton Rouge – Black Business Owners & Org. (6 Personal Finance Workshops)


May 3 - 07:00 pm


December 9 - 11:30 am

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James Richard

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Baton Rouge Financial Education Center

2798 O'Neal Lane Building A, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Baton Rouge, LA, US, 70816

National Financial Literacy Campaign has changed over 2 million families’ Financial Future- Change the Financial Future of your organization

About this event:

First: Introduction to WSB & Financial Literacy Campaign. You will leave knowing who we are and what we do. REGISTOR NOW.

Complementary Personal Finance Strategy for every one in attendance..

Workshops presented onsite at your location and a combination of at our financial center or online.


Workshop No. 01

Building Savings and Wealth

You will walk out of this workshop with :-1) A practical Financial Goal for you and your family so that you can be certain even in uncertain conditions. 2) You will have the right mindset to achieve your goal. 3)You will discover Wealth Formula which changed over 1.5 Million people so far to become Financially Independent. 4) You will have a clear understanding of the Time & Inflation effect on your hard earned money.

Workshop No. 02

Increase Cash Flow And Manage Debt

You will walk out of this workshop with :-1) Discover $100 -$250 that you didn’t know you had in your pocket. 2) Figure out where your money is going and how you can control your Cash Flow And Build a REAL Workable Way to become Debt Free faster. 3) Amazing strategies of getting out of debt, and ethically pay thousands of dollars less in interest cost of your debt

Workshop No. 03

Preparing With Proper Protection

You will walk out of this workshop with :-

1) The X-Curve that will reflect your family’s most accurate financial situation. 2) Understanding of Proper Protection for your Family. 3) A clear picture of Asset & Liabilities your family have.

Workshop No. 04

Your Health & Wealth

You will walk out of this workshop with :-1) Understanding of Importance & Impact of your health on your money. 2) The strategies to Protect your assets in case of loss of income due to sickness and disability. 3) Prepare yourself for the skyrocketing cost of medical expenses

Workshop No. 05

Understanding Asset Accumulation Strategies

You will walk out of this workshop with :-1) A clear sense of accumulation of wealth & cost of waiting for the right time. 2) Discover how much returns your money can provide you if you invest in the right solutions. 3) A strategy to mitigate the risks of financial decisions and have a tension free retirement

Workshop No. 06

Fulfilling Long Term Goals

You will walk out of this workshop with :-1) A plan for your Golden Years. 2) Understanding of pensions, annuities, IRAs and more, 3) Understanding of how taxes impacts your retirement money. 4) You will have plan to save for college for many generations in your family


Best Success,

James Richard, Eventbrite Organizer

Financial Educator, Financial Professional


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